ALFA (Algorithm Factory)

A general introduction to ALFA

Widget Brain Algorithm Factory


This documentation will cover the usage of the Algorithm Factory, our platform for Training, Running and Maintaining your AI.



The dashboard page shows you a real time overview of your algorithms and allows you to get historic insights in your usage. The dashboard consists of:

Graph that shows the usage of your algorithms over time. You can filter it to specific algorithms, applications and environments (upper left corner), see monthly/weekly aggregates, live usage or within a custom time frame (upper right corner).

The donut chart on the left shows the total use per algorithm within the selected period.

The table shows all algorithm invocations within the selected period. You can sort it, filter, change the number of rows per page and view/hide attributes. You can click on a run to get more information on the algorithm run, like the input and output.

The legend shows which colors correspond to which algorithms. You can show/hide algorithms in the overview by selecting them in the legend.


The algorithms page gives an overview of all algorithms that your team uses. From here, you can manage them all. An algorithm must be deployed in an environment before you can manage the algorithm. When you click on an environment, a new menu appears on the left. This menu enables you to deploy, train, run, monitor and publish your algorithm. See section Adding a new algorithm on how to deploy an algorithm version.


On the team page you can change the appearance and structure of your team. The page consists of two tabs, 'General Info' and 'Team members'.

  • In the General Info tab, you can change your team logo and name. You can also find your team ID here.
  • Under 'Team members', you can manage user access and add or remove members.


Under the user menu, you can manage your account. You can access the user menu by clicking the user icon in the upper right corner and selecting 'My account'. Here you can change basic information and reset credentials, check all login attempts for your account or change notification settings.

Adding a new algorithm

Setting up your own algorithm in ALFA is easy. Head over to the 'Algorithms' tab and click on 'Create new algorithm'.

Setting up the environment

You are prompted to name and describe your algorithm. Fill in the fields and click 'Save'.

Your new algorithm shows up in the list. You can edit the name and description by clicking the Find your algorithm and click 'New Environment'. Let's make a 'Production' environment.

Name your environment (e.g. Development, Test, Acceptance or Production) and select a suitable region (in this case eu-central-1). Click 'Save'. An environment is added to your algorithm.

Now click on the newly added environment to set up your algorithm. A new menu appears on the left.

Releasing the algorithm

Click on 'Versions'. Here you can upload your algorithm, so on the right, click on '+' and the Add release dialog box appears. Give your release an original version number (0.0.1 in the example) and shortly describe the release. Drag the .zip-file with your algorithm in the correct field and click 'Add'.

Run it

Extra feature: Adding documentation

Under 'Run' - 'Documentation', you can add a markdown file containing the algorithm documentation. It will automatically replace any previous documentation.

Publish it

In the environment menu on the left, click 'Availability'. Here you see all other teams within your organization and the publication status. By publishing the algorithm, you can let other teams use it. Click on the slider in the row of the desired teams.